Boy what a week I have had.

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Tuesday went to the doctor and my mom went with me so she could have her back done. I had to have a blood test and blood pressure checked. Plus physical exam, That went well. That night I took my 11 year old dachshund out for a walk and we both got attacked by a big dog. We are both fine! My husband is in Arkansas and he says he hurt his leg and may not make it, I haven't back yet, he is still deciding. Then my male friend last who has been helping me with my mother gave me flowers and card and serenade me with the songs we love. Yea I do have boyfriend and my husband knows it and accept it since he cant be here to help me. My mom adores my male friend and thinks he is wonderful and why don't I get a divorce. She told me he is more of a husband then my husband. The truth be known he is.
Today I will find out about my cholesterol I just feel like I am being punished by my family in Arkansas because I am taking care of my mother who I love dearly. I know this shouldn't affect me but it does. Never mind that I have Hypertension and high blood pressure and a seizure that reacts to pressure, tension, stress and strain and i do take blood pressure pills and anti seizure medicine. They don't care that my doctor s say I cant go to Arkansas because of my health and I would have my license taken away there. I don't know what to do to tell them i am also in serious condition. Oh yea and two months ago I was in an accident, and last October I had a grand mall seizure , because my brain burned out.
What does it take for them to understand about me and my mother and my son, who I also take care of.


Wow. I don't know what to say. You certainly have a plateful.

:) Good luck. Hopefully next week'll be better.

Thanks Sharon!
Sorry for your troubles. I hope things look better tomorrow. You have a lot to consider.
You had an interesting week and scarey week. Im glad you and your pup are ok! Hopefully things get easier for you.

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