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Trying another place for my wife.


Richie, I think you've really been on quite a journey trying to find a place for your wife, and becoming comfortable with your decision. I recall from your earlier posts that it hasn't been an easy journey, more like rock climbing in gale force winds.

Are you any closer to resolution of the facility as well as personal dilemma issues?

Could you tell us more about this facility, what's happened during the past few weeks, and how life's treating you these days?
I hope this works out for you and your wife Ritchie. Keep an open mind. I can't imagine how tough this is. With the level of her problems there may be nothing that's a perfect fit but she needs to be in care. I know you'll do what's best for her.
I've decided to place her somwhere. When she looked at me I could see that she was not mentally in our world. Thankyou to all of my friends. Now starts the search.!.
Richie, I know that you've had some difficult with other placements. I'm wondering if you've checked the Medicare ratings to narrow down your search?

You're going through a really rough time, having to make not only the decision for a placement but finding something suitable. I made out a checklist to use when interviewing and inspecting places. If I didn't, it was too easy to overlook something on the facility tour.

Hang in there!
My wife is in a psych. rehab facility-that is what I will call it. She is on new meds. and evaluated every day by a professional. This place is like a heaven for the ill. You have to know someone to get in there or be quite rich. I just know a couple of kind and caring friends who are wonderful and they have known my wife for years. She'll probably be there for a week and than we will see.
I'm certainly hopeful this placement works out for both you and your wife. It sounds like more like some of the places actor and actresses go to, so it probably will provide a level of care above the facilities with which you've had prior experience.

Please keep us posted on this critical journey of you and your wife. And take some time off to get some rest today!
Richie, I hope the new place where your wife is is a winner, thus giving you time to breathe and not keep second guessing if you are doing the right thing or not [which is only human]. Just remember, you are doing the best you can.

Keep us up-to-date. We are here for you.
Yesterday my wife was actually peaceful and loving-Oboy maybe we have turned the corner. Today was the opposite. The usual, "when am I going home" This is what she asks me all the time and I keep saying,"it;s up to the doctor" As I was walking to the exit she followed me yelling, F-U, F-U with her finger pointed at me. She may have a disease but I am beginning to take it personally. No-today I did take it personally.

Remember that she's directing her anger at you for placing her there, and she does have a disease and probably really doesn't realize what she's saying. It is hard to take it personally, but please try not. She probably can't help the anger she feels.

Just remember the reasons why this action was necessary if, or when, you feel guilty.

Doctors should examine me to determine why I haven't had a heart attack or stroke.

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