My stepmom has been saying he has been to the doctor but now says she lied.
Myself has just realized its not her problem now? she has told me hes going to be in a home care facility in 6 to 8 months? everyone agrees with her decision , but shes been trying to hide and move financial records. changing the will my dad had granted to his family for the second she and my was told hes suffering from aging dementia of over 3 yrs now is ,keeping us from seeing him at there home .we call and the answers we get to asking if we can talk on the phone with him , are hes asleep ,eating,in the rest room,busy with me doing what needs to be done for him , like laundry dishes just everyday things she has told us she wishes he could still help her do 1 month ago,but never has called me back as i asked if she could call us for him when he was available so we could talk . ive been tracking everything date time ect, for the time to if need to protect my unanswered issues . she has done a great deal of making sure he stays away as of all possible from seeing him to a norm conversation ? with knowing the reasons for what has happened so far , over 37 yrs they have been married and taking everything from her brother from there parents ,they both have passed an her brother was told after the cost of my time and taking care of dad for 7 yrs after there mom died , the 750.000 dollars has been spent to care for them? she sold everything she didn't want to have , never asked her brother if he would like to have a fork there parents had. sad sad sad love of money?her brother passed 4 yrs ago and she told my dad there not going to here own brother funeral for the reason of fear to here what her brothers side would say, ? she had did this and planned it this way for her greediness love of money she has become very sneaky and we are the next victims if we turn our heads for a second as of this minute?

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Loveofmoney, please note we have answered your original postings several times over. Check out the one you posted earlier in the day
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