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I am single and lonely but can't imagine starting a new relationship right now. I don't have the means, time or energy to meet someone. However, I wish I had the diversion and support in my life. I can't imagine a man (sorry, but it's true) will want to be with me when I'm always tired and depressed besides the lack of free time. My life is going to work, and to my parents....on occasion I may get together with friends, but it's not fulfilling. I thought I would just start a discussion about this for my on-line single pals so at least we can support each other...


Lonelyness is just mind breaking. I am a widow who lost the best husband a woman could have about a year ago. We were married thirty years and really had no friends to speak of. We just lived for each other. I have two children who live out of state and see them very little. No millionaire here but do have enough money to live a comfortable life. At this point, 76 years, I still live like I am married to the same man I loved for so long. He is gone now and I am completely alone. I would love to develop a relationship with someone out there who is as lonely as I am even if it is only on line.
i haveta say something quite provocative -- cause im a thinker and thats just how i roll .. i have figured out why nice looking female teachers have illegal relationships with underage young students . i believe that their institutes of higher learning have pushed the feminist movement beyond what is healthy for the teachers to ever have a relationship with a self respecting , decent man -- even a one night stand .. im the least sexist person alive but ive tried having a relationship with one of theses educated " educators " and there isnt a day that goes by that the man hatin chip on her shoulder doesnt show itsself .
weve gone so far overboard that young women think theres shame in being a wife , homemaker and mother .
the governments have forced the women into the workplace for cheap labor and economic growth for the sake of growth alone .
im a workhorse . i need a homemaker, not a girl with a 60 hour workweek and a 70 % tax rate for being silly enough to work outside the home ..
no offense to women who enjoy working and providing for themselves .
to the young girls who want to get tattooed up and act like thugs ; hey , surprise -- the judge has no qualms with throwing your a** in jail does he ?
cover them ears austin ..
wannek, check out website Classmates and see if there is anyone who knowyour old high school or college days, drop them a line.... you'd be surprised whom you might run across. That knight in shiny armor might still be out there :)
i ran into a couple of old army buddies online in the last couple of years . havent seen these guys in 36 years and wouldnt you know it -- the elitist one still thought himself quite special and the lying sack of crap was still spinning unbelievable yarns . ive done killed the contact info for both of them .
i think meeting a nice person is hard for men and women . the more i learn about human nature the more pessimistic i become about meeting someone .
ill wait for the hot looking robot chicks . they dont even sleep , ya just plug em into your cigarette lighter receptacle to recharge em .
I've been married 42 years, and if he drops dead, I am joining the Carmelites.
do the carmelites have any hot looking robot chicks ?
Well, I tried being married twice. Divorced in 1995. Engaged 3xs since., but not any more. Just couldn't go through with it. Saw myself biting my lip in the second wedding video. That man was everything the first wasn't. (The first one is on wife#4 and beating up on that one, too). I JUST CAN'T MAKE MYSELF DO IT! I have come to the conclusion that this is what it takes to stay married: 1) You both don't divorce each other--no matter what the other does or does to you. 2) You don't die. That's it. That is what I've observed over time. " Congratulations! You've been married (XX amt. of years)!" When I hear that, I shudder to think of the life sentence I almost gave myself twice! Talk about cold feet! I'm happy to do what I want and have been a big girl now long enough to know my own power. I like company and have a lot of friends. Guys & gals. But, heck, I know what I'd like to have the most, I think. That would be A WIFE! No. 'm not gay. I have been one & I know what they're worth. Smartest thing a guy could ever do is get him one of these. Whether she works outside the home or not...Start the list with chauffeur, maid, secretary, cook, hooker within a roll-over's reach a any given moment at night, breeder, seamstress, babysitter, etc, etc,.....on & on the list goes! W hen I was a young wife, I loved doing these things for my man. I felt it gave my life purpose & fulfillment. Like I always knew it was what I wanted & I loved it! But, I barely got out of that one alive! What the heart wants is not what it always needs---My heart is still beating because I was able to pick myself up off the floor and save myself one last time. No one is going to take my life from me again. It's mine. I'm free and I love it! I'll never give that up again. I know this. blou
Here's some hugs to all the lonlies out there! XOXOXOXOXOXOX!!! Feel better? Love, love, love,............................................blou

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