Putting some pressure on siblings, we will see what happens.

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Hello everyone in the caregiving world. I am trying something new with my sister and am actually looking forward to it. I have made my Mother her appointment for her annual physical and oops I made it on a day that I will not be available. I made sure it was on her day off - I am not totally insensitive. I will be giving her almost a months notice that it is her turn to listen to Mom complain about her physical symptoms and ask to get her drivers license back. I am sick of it. I am very curious as to how it will go - will keep you posted.


Oh, teehee. You're evil. :) I am wondering if a month is enough time to find some reason to back out of it.
It would not matter if it was a year's notice. She will still back out after telling me "of course I can - she is my Mother also." We will see...
Good luck with this! You are evil, hahaha...I copy some of the horror stories from this site and send them to my big brother, since he's a worrywart about getting old. He doesn't help with mom, so has no idea what getting old is like. So I want him to hear what may be in store. I'm evil too. :)
Hadenough I think youve given her too much notice I would have had a breakdown just before her day off and said youve no choice you have to do it im ill!
My neighbour keeps telling me to fake a breakdown? siblings continue as they are it wont be "fake".
My sis rang tonight mums getting her hearing aids tomorrow. I told her if mum dosnt wear these im going to crack up, she laughed? I slammed the phone down,she rang back and asked why i did that? I told her NEVER to laugh when I say im going to crack up because im not being funny she went quiet and asked to speak to mum then continued to talk to mum about her life the new resto she went to what her plans for wkend were? CINDERELLA came to my mind but wheres my fairy tale ending?
Kazaa, just watch out for frogs...don't try kissing any until you're SURE they're going to turn into the handsome prince. :)
Blannie ive been kissing frogs for the last 34yrs even married one but he turned into a major "TOAD" trust me my ideal guy will just appear and ill know!!! LOL
Thanks all for commenting. I love the suggestion about making it the last minute. After all that is what our lives as caregivers are, our lives are put on hold while we take care of everything for them. I just want her to take a little medicine - my sister that is - do you think that will make her more empathetic?
Hadenough - I doubt it will make your sister more empathetic. It might make a difference if she did it for a week or two, but one day/one appointment does not make a caregiver. She'll go home and forget all about it is my guess.
Love your thinking :)

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