my bother was beating my mum so my sister had her put into care. my mother asked my sister to change the locks on the house so my brother could not enter the house. since then my mother has passed away and my brother has got the keys from my mums neighbour and been in the house. i dont know what the will says about the house but my brother is exccutor of the original will (which my sister had changed) my mother was in care for about a year and the house has started to fall apart. I have started to do work on the house as it was roten and smelling. my brother has said I am tresspassing and caused criminal damage and I have no right to enter the house and has taken my keys from me. Can he do this to me legally??

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I would see an attorney STAT! Your brother was exectutor on the original will (your sister had it changed?). Is there a new valid will? Who is the executor? If not your brother anymore, it sounds like he is acting illegaly. What does your sister say? what is she doing?
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Contact the attorney who executed the will.. OR let the house fall apart and the executor can sell it "as is". Wash your hands of all the stress, if your brother wants you to stay away then give him his wish, It won't change your share of the estate. Good Luck!
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