Sister is primary caretaker in her home with & husband, adult granddaughter. Mom is happy; very attached to my Sister. My siblings & I appreciate and respect this wonderful bond. I was in position to move as I am single. But my expectation of "fitting in" and seeing my Mother frequently & Sister has not happened. I call my Mother usually everyday & we have great conversation with love & laughter. We make plans for me to come visit....they don't happen. I have been trying to approach this personally heartbreaking situation with courage & acceptance. But I Miss Seeing My Mother....& interaction with my Sister & family. I am very sad & disappointed. I will more likely be returning to California when I have my own family & grandchildren in the near future. Then come visit Mom & Sis every 3 or 4 months.

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Can you explain why the visits don't happen? Does your sister call you back and tell you not to come? What if you went to the house to pick up your mom and take her out for a while?

Do you fell that your mother and sister just don't want to see you? That would be very hard. How often have you seen your mother and sister in the past 27 years? How long ago did you move? Do you have other siblings in the area and what is their relationship with your mom and sister? I'm asking only for more information so people can give good advice.

You will never have the same relationship with your mom that your sister has, because you are a different person. It sounds like you do want to have a relationship that is just as good as what your mom and sister have, so please keep trying and keep us posted.
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