Hoarding or obsession with paper towels and toilet paper!

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My mother had pieces of paper towel and half rolls of toilet paper everywhere! Beside the sofa, on the sofa, paper towels spread all over the sofa, in the kitchen the bathroom, in drawers basically everywhere. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I'm just ignoring it since it's not hurting anything It's just curious. She leaves the paper towels spread all over the sofa because Marvin her kitty likes to sit on them. Of course kitty has 3 beds, a bunch of blankets and a clothes basket all to himself. LOL


marsalis, the tissues everywhere are a senior ploy to drive caregivers crazy. :-D I find them on the floor, on the tables, in the washing machine, in the dryer. I find them everywhere except the garbage can. My mother even decorates the bathroom floor with them -- clean, thank goodness.

I don't think your mother is alone with her obsession to always have tissues with her. If yours is like mine, she stuffs them in her pockets or carries them, dropping them here and there or depositing them at some distant point (table, drawers). The unfortunate ones aren't discovered until they get in the vent of the dryer.

Mine does the partial roll of toilet tissue, too. She tucks one in her rollator, along with a lot of tissue and other things that she forgets is in there, so grows during the week. Partial bottles of water here and there are scattered amongst the tissues. I don't say anything. I just pick things up and toss them in the trash.
My cousin didn't use the paper that way, but she was obsessed with other things, like duct tape. She taped along the bottom of cabinets, shelves, furniture, etc. She was afraid her cat could enter into the crevice, no matter how small it was.

She also had room deodorizers everywhere. Sometimes 5 in one room! Eventually, she stopped though. As she progressed, she no longer paid attention to things like that.
Jessie my mom has a box of tissues she takes everywhere with her. I find them usually tucked in the one place I didn't check when the washing comes out all flecked in white and I have to rewash the bloody things. She positively nurses a tissue all day long - not the same one I hasten to add but nevertheless.
Has anyone checked to see if their loved one would adapt to using a handkerchief instead a tissue? It might increase the laundry load, but might not be as messy. My dad has always used handkerchiefs. I'm surprised when I still find them in the stores. No one else that I know uses them any longer.
Oh for sure sunny she blinking uses tissues in addition to handkerchiefs (rolls eyes heavenward)Yup I know - don't ask because I have and I get nowhere!!!! xxxx
My husband is another one with an obsession with tissues. We go through a box every other day. And, yes, they go into the laundry (Will I ever learn to go through his pants pockets? After laundering his wallet you would think that I would remember!)

They get dropped everywhere, a real treat for our two dogs who just love to shred them! No, a cloth handkerchief would not work because he does not use them for his nose/mouth. He just holds them in his hands until he thinks he needs another one --or six. I think it must have something to do with sensory stimulation--but I fail to see how one could be stimulated by a tissue!
My aunt has this issue as well. She will go through an entire roll of paper towels in a day. She also hoards plastic shopping bags. We have no idea why she does this.
My aunt used to put metal pie plates, pizza pans and foil under everything it seemed. Then she would line the floors with newspapers so her teacup chihuahua could pee wherever. She would put puppy pads on top of the newspaper. Of course the newsprint came off onto her rose carpeting and it was hard to get from one room to the next not knowing where to step. When I started helping her out I would put it all in the garbage and we went through a time of using baby gates. She runs through a good bit of paper products.
She would buy the thin paper plates by the hundreds. There were always stacks of them on every flat surface. She used them to write notes on to herself and others. Large reminders. And since they were thin and stuck together she would just put five or six new ones on top of the used ones. You might think it was a stack of clean paper plates and once you started using them discover the soiled ones.
All of this before anyone thought she had dementia.
When I go to her house weekly I will pick up all the paper towels stuffed in the side of her chair. I've almost thrown away her teeth by accident as they were wrapped in a paper towel. I buy the large economy size of paper towels, pads, pull ups, paper plates, bowls napkins, tissue and toilet tissue and now we are into band aids. She has the half rolls of paper towels handy as well. It's considered an emergency if she is out of paper towels. She also was into the scented plug ins and burning incense and candles. I was finally able to get people to quit giving her the candles and the scented wax melters. What should we give her they ask. I'm tempted to say, paper towels. Happiness is a fresh roll of paper towels.
My mother was fixated on paper towels, too.

Mom would verrry slowwwly rip them from roll, fold them precisely in half, then stack them in a plastic container that was shaped like a tall, skinny shoebox.

Mom would also layer paper towels between her dinner plates (in the cupboard).

Mom would cover piles of important mail and checkbook and her purse -- which were perched all over the kitchen counter -- with paper towels. So "no one" could see them. (She was living alone at the time.)

And don't get me started on her love affairs with paper clips and ziploc bags!
I honestly think this is caused by the years of deprivation during the Great Depression. Everything was saved...every tiny bit used and used again.

Saving paper products is easy because it is non perishable. It is a compulsion brought on by the earliest years of extreme waste not want not.

My grandma never ...never.. threw out any paper. My mom was afflicted with this to some degree too. I still have to figure out a time to start remove the mountain of used wrapping paper so she doesn't see it going away.

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