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I am just venting... actually that seems too energetic. Just sighing, maybe. I have been caregiving for my 92 year old mother for 18 years. Actually things have been somewhat better for the last year. With a lot of support and good advice from this group, mom is in an assisted living facility. I still have a fair amount of responsibility and her house is sitting vacant waiting for me to find the time and energy to deal. I am just weary of being someone's everything. I think she resents me too as she has to depend on me. I'm getting ready for a vacation with my husband (yay!) I am making sure she has all supplies. I will have to call her daily or she will have a meltdown and maybe break the camels back of the assisted living tolerance ( she is a known troublemaker). At least I know she is physically safe. I just want to be done with this burden.


I get it.. hang in there and enjoy your vacation.
Oh rosy (((((hugs))))) enjoy your vacation. I am 80 and my mother is 105, in an ALF and I want it over too.
Have a wonderful vacation!
Have a great time! Try to shut that door for awhile and enjoy yourself.
Caregivers need care too.
Have fun!
You sure do deserve a break. I hope it's awesome. Have fun and relax.
Thanks everyone. Golden...I can't imagine. Actually I can, sigh. My husband is 75 and he says we'd better vacation before we can't!
my Mom has not had a diagnosis, but she has been just recently every time she coughs she pees or poops and sometime both. Im wondering if any one has dealt with this and can share. Its not intentional its a reflex condition, she is over weight and only exercise she gets is ambulation around the house.

Dear Rosyday,

I hear you, my friend. It is only understandable you are tired. I hope you and your husband have a great vacation.

Your post resonated with me. In my family I've always been the helper. My mom is struggling with her anger and resentment with me and vice versa. Those mother daughter relationships are tough.

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