I called the elder abuse people and now need someone to talk to.

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My mom my sister and her daughter live in fifth. animal feces, urine and too many animals and garbage. They are always sick too. I called and left info with elder abuse to check on them. I am so conflicted. I live in another state and cannot help. And I am disabled . I just want someone to tell me I did the right thing and it will be ok.


I'm confused. If you live in another state how do you know about their living conditions?
mmmmm, You did the right thing. How do you know about the home condition? APS will conduct an investigation and either close it or determine that there are issues. I do not know what happens if there is a problem. In my case when APS was called they closed the case immediately stating it was nothing but a spiteful and vindictive act.
You did the right thing in reporting the conditions as you saw them/know about them. APS will investigate. If conditions are found to be horrid, then some changes will have to happen, and that will be good for everybody. If they find it isn't quite as bad as you think it is, they'll close the case and no harm done.
Better safe than sorry! You did the right thing! If what was reported to you was worse than it actually was, no harm, no foul. If it was bad, you're the hero! Be strong, be well.
You did the right thing. However, if those involved are not favored by the local police department your cries for help may go unheard.
You did a good deed!
the comment above about local corruption is very really.
my cries for help have gone largely unheard for 12 years here, in an absolutely horrific situation involving alcoholism, domestic violence, financial abuse, of both my parents and now myself. there is very little you can do other than report it to the authorities, who then choose whether or not to do anything about it, or, worst case, distort the truth to favor the one who is paying their salaries.

you're fighting pretty much a losing battle even if DCF gets involved. from my experience the system is so overwhelmed they hardly have time to even drive around, document all the complaints. unless you are physically willing to be present, and do something about this, for a long stretch of time, the probability of any human power turning this situation around is somewhere between slim and none. i would put them on your prayer list, that's what i do these days.
I agree with the others, you did the right thing. I know its hard but overall, once they get the house cleaned out ( with help of course) they too will feel better. Have you told them they need to get help to clean up? Has anyone been there to help them?

They may or may not see nothing wrong with how they live ( Hoarder shows) but they may be overwhelmed and need the help to cleanup. There are people who do this for a living so if you can meanwhile try to help them find someone to help them. Good luck and you all are in my thoughts
The way I got Mom's house cleaned up was they went out of town. I went through stuff like crazy! She never would allow me to throw anything away unless she looked through it first! Drove everyone batty, since she would look, then put the item in another pile. As soon as she looked at it, she forgot she had, so it was a never ending cycle. Get them out of the house for as long as you think it will take, and go in with a bulldozer if necessary.
Regarding shakingdustoff's comment above, I reported my complaint to the local police department involving elder abuse embezzlement and real estate fraud. The police department wrote a letter to me stating that there was "No sustainable evidence" involving my complaint. However, an elder law attorney, after reviewing my documents, stated that I he found the following breaches of law involving my complaint:

1. Elder Abuse Breach of Fiduciary Duty
2. Elder Abuse Legal Malpractice
3. Elder Abuse Fraud
4. Elder Abuse Constructive Fraud
5. Elder Abuse Negligence
6. Elder Abuse Unfair Business Practice
7. Elder Abuse Churning (Northwestern Mutual -Wachovia-Prudential Securities)
8. Elder Abuse Collusion and Conspiracy

You can read the letter I received from the police department regarding my complaint here at

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