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From me. I am so glad this place is here so I can let off steam. For those that do not know, I am the one being cared for, my husband is my carer. (not officially but still the same thing) Yesterday was a really good day. He was happy all day. Today Not so much. Due to an online food shop not being delivered and all that ensued from that WORLD WAR broke out. His language became unrepeatable and it is me that gets it in the neck. His blood pressure soared so I made him take an extra tablet. I reordered with another store and then we had tea. After this I emailed the errant store with all the details (omitting the swearing) and informed them. Before I sent it off, I showed him a copy. I dare not let him do it or else heavens knows......... I have again ironed most of it out and now I am emotionally drained. I expect I will be OK tomorrow (as long as he is) Thank you - if you read this and if you do not - I dont blame you. I am an ungrateful Moo


Buzzy, I know how you feel.

Any time my Boss has to deal with any customer service, it becomes a shouting match over the phone. One time I had to leave the office and spend time walking the hallways until he was through. It just rattled my nerves so much.

Usually with customer service, whenever I call, I sound very meek and I can accomplish the very same thing without blasting in someone's ear.

I can't imagine how much stress that puts onto you, BuzzyBee. You handled it all very well. Rest well.
Thank you :) Peace and love to you all :)
Good for you BuzzyBee. Sending you love and hugs as well.

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