Goodbye and good luck to all of you.

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im gonna knock my account in the head . its either that or be nice . its a no brainer . theres a lot of pain evident in these forums . ive experienced that pain , futility and eventual loss . its hard to tell from printed text when a person is just yankin your chain . i liked to breeze thru here occasionally and just poke people in the ass to have a laugh and distract em a little bit from their misery . the line between funnin with people and pissin people off is just too precarious for me .
i aint gonna be nice . there are too many nice people in the world already and quite frankly , they both bore and annoy me .
whatever ..
if any of you are ever in martinsville indiana just ask anyone where to find capn hardass and theyll point you towards my hill .
im going to be fine . im 4.5 yrs away from retirement and with my miniscule bill obligations i could probably fornicate fish for a living and get by ok .
if anybody ever has the urge to contact me, im in the MASONRY business.
these moderators are really nice enough people but ive already told you what i think about nice people .
im just a person of principle . if you told me to be something that im not or face a firing squad , id paint a bullseye on my forehead . its the benefit of getting old . i dont have to change for anyone . i rule on this hill from my camaro bucket seat . it aint a throne made of gold but then theres nobody here to tell me it isnt .


Cap, you are one of the people that drew me into this forum. Sometimes I think you're an ass, but I'll miss your perspective anyway. Have a good life!
Cap, I salute you. I promise to visit.
Oh no.. Good luck friend. I hope you continue to lead your life your way...

Now piss off you old fart...
Dear Cap, What can I say? The only reason I come here is for help to help others. While I don't think I've helped anyone much at all, You have helped me with more than you'[ll ever know. You could even say, you helped save my life. I hope you read this before you leave for good, so I can thank you & tell you that. Your words are poetry to my ears. They're real & full of character, empathy, & sincerity that come straight from a loving & kind heart that in itself shares the burden of pain willingly to lessen its effect on the over-whelmed. I have never seen anything but positive effects from your presence here. You have given of your time & self. Because of this you have changed the world for the better. You have made a difference and let's face it-- the haters will keep hating with or without you. But, sir, you have honor that they know they could never possess. The love & respect you receive from your friends-- they are jealous of. It is innate in them every negative thing--- all the while you have countered that negative with the genuine power of love. They market despair, sickness, & death therefore these are wherein their own hope lies. There is a vested interest in our illnesses & pain. 10-year business projections MUST happen. & God help the guy lured here as bate to attract the others he heals with his words, while they drop the net on the masses & sell them the lies with false pride all well-up inside of the place that should be where a heart is. I salute you, Captain, Fisher of Men. An honor it is to know you. bloujeanbaby
I may not always agree on your interesting posts, I do not want to see you go. You are or were a caregiver, you how much too offer.
Hate to see you go, Cap.
Godspeed. I will miss your 2-cents.
I am a former "Hoosier" myself Cap. You have had me in stitches many a time. I loved the one about 'easy to Birthday and Christmas shop for', sad but it hit me at the right moment or the wrong moment some might say. I don't care, not many people can make me laugh so I thank you for all the times you have done just that. Take care.
Captain, You gave more good advice than anyone. Your wisdom saved me many days. I always enjoyed your frankness. So many days you saved my sanity making me laugh. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Goodbye, you old coot! I will miss reading your postings and your down to earth sense of humor. Stop in once in awhile and let us know how you're doing.
Blessings to you, Lindaz.

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