Sometimes I am fearful of end of life issues.

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I want to get this off my chest and see if anyone here have had similar thoughts and feelings. I've never thought I was afraid of reaching the end of my life, but I'm finding I do have some thoughts on this.

The first thing is leaving my daughter. However, I think she is more accepting now. We have our faith and trust in it. However, for me, I am concerned about never existing again in any form.

I don't want to believe the end is the end. I want to believe in an eternal soul that will live on. This is against the beliefs of my fait, but I would like to think I could go around again and choose the family I want to be born into. I would like my life to mean something and be what I have always wanted to be professionally.

Again, my worst fear is to no longer exist. I cry about that sometimes.



Sally, I use to worry about that when I was younger. After going through some major illnesses myself, I am pretty much ready. I have no children so that can put a different spin on everything. And my elderly parents have lived a very long life being in their 90's, I would be so lucky to even get near that age.

Wish we had an expiration date placed on us, with a button to push when we think it is time.
Freqflier would take that be great. My mom had what I had, CHF and pulmonary edema. She lived until 69. I'm 65. I hope I can reach her age, at least. She was diabetic and I'm not. That's in my favor. Mostly I'm good but sometimes it bothers me.
Sally, I hear you! I just want to let you know that my aunt developed chf and pulmonary edema in her mid 60s. She died a few years ago at age 96 1/2. She was very proud of the 1/2 and the fact that she lived longer than any of her siblings.

My mom has the same two conditions and just turned 92.
This is paraphrased,but it's the best I can remember -- and don't remember who said it -- "I don't fear death. I didn't exist for billions and billions of years, and it wasn't the slightest inconvenience."

It pleases me to think of this earthly existence as a theme park where I choose "the ride" -- or, better, the experience this trip 'round will encompass. This especially pleases me when I think of little children whose entire lives are one trip to the hospital after another.

I've had two cancers. I don't fear death...I only fear the journey.

Sally, we all have thoughts like that. Just remember to celebrate! Again today, Sally, you're on the right side of the grass. ;)
I don't want to get involved in any spiritual discussions, but I love Maggie's "You're on the right side of the grass" . Is it conceited to be afraid of no longer existing? Will the world miss us that much? Or is it that we will miss the world? We will be dead and won't know will we.

Here is what I want on my tombstone: "He did more good in this world than harm" . And I can't resist the atheist tombstone that said, " All dressed up and no place to go".
Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain. Unless you spend every day living it to the fullest, you are already dead.
I saw what you're going through in a guy I dated a long time ago. His dad died very young and as my friend approached that age, he was convinced he was going to die. In his case he kept living on the edge, smoking too much and drinking too much, thinking his time was soon to be up. That was 15+ years ago and he's still going strong. Once you pass that year, I think you'll be OK. But get some counseling in the meantime if you find it affecting your day-to-day life.

I'm not religious, so I believe when I'm gone, I'm done. But my ashes will mix with the ashes of the plants and animals that were here before me and I'm fine with that. I'm a part of that circle of life and I find that comforting.
Hi Babalou. My dad lived till his 80s. It would be nice if I could be in good health.
Live in hope and faith. God is with us in death, carrying us to live in His heavenly home. marymember

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