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I'm living with my 83-year-old mom and my man friend. Today I p*ssed him off and yelled at my sweet mother, what the h*ll is wrong with me? We have all moved in to one house because my father was killed 5 years ago and my mom has been put threw h*ll since than. We had to sell there home because my mom couldn't get any help from my family who lived close to her, so we thought it would be great to move in together. Now I'm a wreck, we have lived together before, I don't understand why I'm so frustrated all the time?


She's older and needier, you're older and more set in your ways.
Because nothing ever goes your way. Because no one understands. Because they're is to much to do and not enough time to do it, or any help. Everyday brings new and larger obstacles and it seems never ending but no one else seems to notice and they live so carefree and without worry or fear

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