With dementia, I wonder if part of it is that their "filter" is gone and they just don't hold back the little things that the rest of us do.

Ask the staff if there are any new things going on with her. A fall, etc.?
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She may have some discomfort. Dementia, ALZ? My mom was non verbal... so you kinda have to guess what the moaning is and stuff. She getting enough liquids? Fever? Constipated? Gut hurt, bones hurt when she moves? Can yo give her a laxative, or stool softener, then let her get it out of her system. If this has been happening non stop for a few days.. If she is on palliative care or hospice, call them in. Any recent accidents, falls, too hot? too cold? Bed sores or any rashes? Is she looking confused as well? Possible UTI? THAT COULD DO IT too.
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Is she in pain?
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