Mother fell and broke her hip in June. She is 87 and showing signs of cognitive impairment. She is living with me now. I am struggling to rest because she is getting up every 2 hours to go to the bathroom and almost always says she has to have a bowel movement. More often than not, she does. Why is she having to go so often? My head hurts from disruptive sleep cycle. Any suggestions?

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This may be a scary suggestion, but has she been checked for bowel cancer?
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It could be her medications. Does she drink a lot of coffee? If so cut back. Apple juice will cause this too. I cut both out of Moms diet. Cut down on the problem.

Everytime Mom was in the hospital they felt she needed to go everyday. So they would put her on Stool softeners and laxatives. When they released her, I would not continue them. Her doctor said if not going by the third day, then some milk of magnesia. Which is what worked on Mom anyway.
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This could be so many things - is she constipated because of her pain meds, therefore isn't able to have a proper BM? Is it diarrhea? A good probiotic may help in either case but I think this is worth mentioning to the doctor to see if they can help you with some specific recommendations - and perhaps something to help her sleep through the night is what is needed.
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