My sister-in-law is developmentally disabled and doesn't go to the toilet to poop. We use Depends but the poop still leaks out onto her clothes. Just trying to find some good disposable ones so we don't have to change her outer clothes every time she has a bowel movement. Thanks

Maybe set her on the toilet every few hours, or if she’s regular, whatever times she “goes”. If she starts giving signs that she’s about to go, lead her to the toilet. Does she have a fear of the toilet? She may benefit from some behavioral therapy and her doctor could point you in the right direction for that.

You may want to examine her diet as well. If the feces is leaking out of her incontinence briefs, her stool is too loose and she’s eating something that’s causing it. Or she’s possibly sitting on it and forcing it out. Unfortunately, incontinence briefs are not really made for bowel incontinence. To keep the feces inside, the briefs would have to be so tight they’d be uncomfortable for her.
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