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marie559: Pose this question to her urologist. Once the U.T.I. has cleared, she could perhaps take prescription Myrbetriq and OTC cranberry tabs. At 77, once I had two back-to-back U.T.I.s, I went on this course of treatment without reoccurence. Also, be sure to use no bubble bath products.
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UTIs become more commonplace in older women not just because of the use of incontinence undies and change in hygiene but also from changes in their physiology and pH.

My MIL started getting UTIs almost every other month in her LTC facility even though she was drinking tons of water and taking cranberry supplements. Once we started her on d-mannose she has had only 2 UTIs in a year.

It can be bought on amazon, and comes in a pill or powder, so if your LO cannot swallow well, it may not be an option. There is no actual dosage to follow since it is a food supplement. It is a simple sugar that does not interact with any other drugs and one cannot "overdose" on it, since any excess is just peed out. My MIL has been taking it for 3 years now and it's been a Godsend.
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AlvaDeer Feb 9, 2024
Would just add to the reasons, the female urethra is very short. Bacteria can make their way up into the bladder with ease. As we age that fluffy mucous tissue that is so protective thin in both vagina and urethra. So it is just a fact that there are many reasons, and some can be corrected; most not. I sure agree with d-mannose; and as a "western medicine gal" and former nurse I don't even LIKE most supplements and vitamins. But d-mannose is my good friend. At 30.00 or so for 120 capsules on Amazon it's sure worth a try, tasteless almost, and capsules can be opened and spred on food.
Seizures are quite common after someone has had a stroke, as they're often caused by the scar tissue in the brain from the stroke. Make sure her neurologist is getting her on the right seizure medications to help with them.
My late husband had gran mal seizures after his stroke and ended up on very high doses of 3 different seizure medications to get them under control.
Now UTI's however are not common with stroke, so either your mom's not drinking enough, or perhaps she's not being cleaned properly after she pees or poops.
A lot of women swear that the product D Mannose works wonders to keep UTI's at bay so you may want to talk to her doctor about that.
Your mom is so young at 59, to be dealing with all this. Hopefully she is in a great facility and getting the help she needs to be getting some better. Help keep her motivated as with PT, OT and speech therapy she should be able to regain some of what she lost.
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