I'm in Harrison, Arkansas. Was told they were waiting for approval from DHS and DHS said they didn't recieve anything from AAA.

It has been over a month with no help. AAA just says it takes time. My friend got hers started in a couple of weeks.

In our area, they seem to prioritize cases that are bordering on being unsafe for the senior. Sometimes stressing any dangers of the situation will get you moved up in the line. Ahmijoy's suggestion is a good one, too.

In our case, after the Medicaid evaluation was completed, the family was asked to choose a coordinator of services and there was another two week wait until that person came by to see what services they would be able to provide. So I guess patience will be in order.
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Most of the problem is the level of funding. There is federal money involved but also state, county and private funding. The more money the agency has the faster they can respond. Funding also impacts the amount and quality of services provided and if they are sliding scale fees or no cost. I don’t Live in an area that requires DHS involvement.
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Keep on them. The squeaky wheel and all that. If their office is close by, make a personal visit.
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