I'd like someone to help with 2 small dogs and just be a second presence in the home helping.

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I'd read a lot about the pros and cons of this. I'd also consult with an attorney about your rights and responsibilities. Plus those of a person living in your home who could be considered an employee (taxes, insurance, liability issues) and/or tenant and what that means if things don't work out. I've seen some situations work out great, but, it has to be a really good match. Plus, it's hard to know what people are really like, even when you think you know them.
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I agree. Someone younger and healthy and who has their own long term care plan. You don’t want to be responsible for this person if their own health declines. Consult with an attorney to draw up an agreement as far as your expectations of what their duties would be, financial responsibilities and cost-sharing. You want that all legal and not based on what “someone” told you to do. This is no time to be naive, not in today’s world.

Run a background check on the people you consider. There are many people search sites on the internet.

Above all, realize that as Seniors, we are prime targets for scams. Perpetrators of these scams can be Seniors as well; not always young “sketchy” looking people. They don’t wear signs that say “I’m a scam artist.”

If you don't care to relocate as cwille suggests, then be savvy and aware of who you let into your house.
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If you want a house mate I'd look for a spry and somewhat younger senior, and I would be very, very careful about checking their background and references. There are many downsides to sharing your home with a stranger, after all this will be her home too and she will need her own space and her likes and habits will be different from yours . Are you certain that downsizing to a senior friendly Independent Living complex with the possibility of socialization and outside service providers isn't a more viable long term option?
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