Am I doing or writing something wrong. Not staying with the topic. Being too honest. What is it?

When someone replies to a single post and someone replies behind them, the first reply disappears but u will see in blue where u can click and see the other reply.
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If they show up on your activity page they are still there - one new feature on AgingCare is the ability to reply to an individual post, often those comments get hidden below the original comment because they are not part of the thread. And of course messages directed to an individual always go to their wall, not the forum.
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If you go to your activity page and click on the question you replied to, it should take you to the forum and show you that your answer is still there. By the way, sometimes the difference between Discussions and Questions can be a bit confusing. There is a lot of overlap, and you may think you have lost a reply to a Question that was actually part of a Discussion.
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Are these the ones you are looking for?
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