I did this as I loved my Grandmother and she had a $2.3 million cash trust which I was a 50% beneficiary, actually she had an AB trust which meant I was already an irrevocable beneficiary since my grandfathers death in 2006, sadly I only learned his after her death when I discovered after Pradaxa overdose and strokes she secretly cut me off yet never told me! using me as an indentured servant nearly 2 yrs! She led me off a fiscal cliff with the help of her attorney who knew I was care giving 24-7 with my girlfriend's assistance as she required help bathing and toileting every 4-6 hrs around the clock! as well as changing bedding every morning, cooking, cleaning everything.
Suddenly aster her death I was treated like dirt a parasite etc which could not be further from the truth.
I had to get an attorney and fight my sister who never did a thing and even failed to invite our Grandmother to her wedding and a daughter of mine in LA who was always begging her great Grandmother for a new disaster. I mediation they offered my $100k out of $2.3 million.
The lawyers ended up with $700k of the $2.3 million and I am now facing suing her attorney for malpractice hiding a B trust disenfranchising B trust beneficiaries!
Her tax man became her POA then trustee which I learned later is a huge conflict but nobody cared as far as judge etc!
As you can imagine her trustee became the cliche worst nightmare imaginable , keping a $64k car against her instructions for 2 yrs put 7 000 miles on it causing $6k damages also nobody cared, in fact he tried to hide $1 million I knew existed and only after I provided statements I saved I was able to prove it otherwise the trustee was going to keep $1 million cash!
Plus I learned he was fined $19k bt FINRA in 2006 for failing to use due diligence a fact he hid from my Grandmother too.
Trusts and probate are a ticket to steal with little to no repercussions! NEVER use a trust, there is 0 oversight and was has oversight is ignored! I regret ruining my life to provide exemplary care for my Grandmother I was an EMT years back and truly treated her as royalty . Care givers are looked at like losers and parasites!.
I had a $24 hour job in HVAC at the time I quit and it was the worst decision I ever made.

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