I get on here to get help with my Grandmom and I think the devil is alive in these posts! I love it here but I can’t bare to see people giving advise about things they know nothing about! Their OPINION! They could be the cause of someone really listening to them and there love one dying because of some morons bad advice! Goodbye aging care! I can’t look at these posts anymore!

Went and looked at Christy's past answers and she is going off on anyone who is having such a rough time caregiving that they have to put their loved one in a nursing home. We'll see how Christy feels after she has looked after Grandma for about ten years - and is at a physical, mental and emotional breaking point. Sounds like she is doing the very thing she is accusing others of doing!
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take what you need and leave the rest.
no one is forced into doing anything.
lots of opinions, that's all they are.
I know I may not always give good advice.
people ask, people answer.
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Christy, you can click the "report" button if you think a poster is giving harmful advice. And you can refute the advice.

Most posters here ere on the side of not giving medical advice and tell folks with medical questions to call their doctors, or visit the ER or Urgent Care.
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