I am running out of food and essentials as well as medicine for my friend and have to return to work. Still no assist from family.

You say in your profile that you are caring for your “partner”, in your home. So, this person is more than a “friend”? Have you been together and living together for quite some time? What was the relationship with his/her family before your partner became ill? Did they contract with you to care for him/her? Did money ever change hands between them and you for a wage or for your partner’s care? Was or is there an amicable relationship between you and the family? Did something happen that somehow caused them to say “enough”? Do they provide room and board for both of you or just your partner? Was anything ever written down and signed—some sort of agreement that they promised to foot the bill for your partner’s care?

Sorry for all the questions, but maybe a little more background detail would help us help you.
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Katj, by chance does your friend's family feel that he/she should be in a skilled facility? There are times when families decide to use tough love in order to make changes with the care of a love one.
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Who is the Durable Power of Attorney (POA) & Power of Attorney-Health Care for your friend? Is your friend able to make decisions and is he/she competent? Why is the family controlling his money? Does he/she receive Social Security benefits? Have you been purchasing food and medications for your friend? You should not have to.

I think that you need to contact Adult Protective Services ASAP as the FAMILY is responsible for your disabled friend's welfare and wellbeing. If the family is not providing food and medications, then they are committing "ADULT OR ELDER ABUSE" and need to held accountable for their actions.
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