Hello, my name is Norrms and I have had a diagnosis of dementia for 10 years now. I have always insisted it is not a mental health condition as these conditions can be cured.

What are your thoughts please ??


Normally, I would never correct a posters spelling and/or grammar. Goodness knows I’m no expert in either area.

But in your case Charlia, I’ll make an exception.

If you’re going to hit multiple threads scoffing, criticizing and assuming conspiracy theories- you might as well learn how to spell it -

Its Dementia. D-e-m-e-n-t-i-a.
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Its just a lable ..Oh u have anger issues u have deminsha..Oh u cant handle stress u have deminsha ..lets give u a pill....Its a lable trust god dont take drugs ..
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My mom fell down the stairs she couldnt talk had lost words they said she had altimers there wrong she had a stroke hit the back of her head and they push pills and she gets worse ..shes fine when shes not on meds she just cant talk so They push the pills there killing her .and I feel thats it all lye for me I think its all drugs indused..stress does funny things to u . If u are in a stressfull invirerment and u loose temper they say.u have deminsha ..but if u get rid of the person that is verbally.abusing the ..they get better..alot has to do with invirerment stress diet ..drinking ?? Alcohal deminsha ..I do beleave u can ruin brain cells drugs Alcohal..
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I'm sorry about your diagnosis. Dementia is a physical disease, brain cell damage. There are other illness or situations that can mimic the symptoms caused by dementia, such as alcohol or medication.

Norrms, I hope no one is telling you to "snap out of it" or "concentrate and you'll be fine". I would not handle that well at all.

Best wishes to you.
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