Just saw my neighbor and I think he has had a stroke or something. He has lost a lot of weight and shakes all the time. I cannot understand what he is saying now.
He lives with his handicap daughter and handicap son. The house is filthy and has changed since wife died.

Who can I call to get a social worker or someone who can make decisions and change whatever is happening?

Thank you for being a good neighbor. The elderly are so vulnerable. You are a blessing to your neighbor’s family and to the community for being concerned and caring.
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Yep, APS is who you want to call. Just "google" it in your State to find the number.
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I agree with Barb that you should call Adult Protective Services for your area. They will do a wellness check. If you cannot reach them I would call my local police department (not on 911 line, but a regular line) and ask them how to proceed for wellness check; tell them what you told us. I hope you will update us when you find help or someone who will follow up. Thanks for being a good neighbor.
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Adult Protective Services is who you need to involve.
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