They got me for $338 and still putting bogus charges on my account they just put a$14 charge. I got ahold of them told them not to put it through it was not mine they did it anyway. I am so distraught due to this.

Cindy, I've never used Direct Express, or a debit card, but they are likely subject to some federal credit law, which for credit card accounts is printed on the back of the statement. Instructions are provided; you need to challenge a charge w/i a certain number of day, in writing, to preserve your rights while the company alleges investigates.

So check your statement and see what action is required for challenging erroneous charges. In the meantime, you can cancel your card in protest for their lack of cooperation. I had to do that a few decades ago when a card issuer refused to stop billing for a service I had stopped. So I let them know they lost a good customer (not that they care anyway).
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Direct Express is a benefits debit card. You may need to report fraud on this card asap since it is debit. They DE will cancel it immediately but then you'll need to wait for a new card to be issued. That's how it usually goes with "normal" credit and debit cards.
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