I have tried Tena slip active maxi in small and that is still small and it's up to 80 or 85cm. I need to check the the pack again. I also tried Tena super which goes above 110cm which is big so diapers are either big or small for me. I'm bigger from the legs. The only diaper I found is molicare 90cm to 120cm but that might not fit too. This is a headache.

My Mom wore a sm/med and she wore 14/16 in slacks. For a size 8/10 I would go small even xsm. A person who in an 8/10 is 36 to 38 inches in the hips. I wear that size
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I would have thought a small/medium. Size is going to vary by brand and style, too big and they won't fit snug around the legs so there will be leaks, the pull up king do have a lot of extra stretch built in. Depending on your needs a tab style brief might give you a more customized fit.
(There are some on line suppliers that offer sample packs for a nominal price)
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Sezzy70 Jan 20, 2019
Tthanks, I'm in the Uk so not much of a variety for in-between sizes and they only do sample of pads here and not taped on diapers which I wear

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