My mom wears diapers and I put down waterproof pads but the bed is wet everyday.

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Is it possible that the bed is never drying out?

I would soak with vinegar and set it some place where it can dry out.

Then you can cover it with a waterproof mattress cover, put a mattress pad cover to catch anything that gets past the sheets, underwear and chuks.

I would be very mindful of her fluid intake for 2 to 3 hours before bed. You don't want to dehydrate her but most of her fluids should be give from morning until a few hours before she hits the hay. Then make sure she goes right before climbing into bed.

Best of luck, this is such a tough one.
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My mom wets the bed almost every night as well. I have a waterproof mattress protector and just end up washing sheets every day. I have heard of using an special "pee pad" on top of the sheets. I have also heard there is an overnight "Depends" that might work.
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