I'm looking for rules and regulations for Memory Care Facilities in FL. Can anybody help me, please. I'm trying to find out what is mandated by the state and what isn't. For example: How many patients per Caregiver, How often they're checked on, etc... Thanks in Advance!

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Find out the agency that provides certification or licensing of the MC centers in your state & research conditions of coverage for licensing. It’s usually on the state’s website.
The guidelines are just that - guidelines - and the centers have leeway to interpret those conditions -especially staff:patient ratios. They can be very creative (I say this sarcastically) in finding a way around those staffing requirements.
The CMS website will have Conditions of coverage for NH in a Federal Register format. You can search on CMS for “Conditions of Coverage for Long Tern Care Facilities” . Those “Conditions” list everything from infection control to recommended staff:patient ratios, meal prep, etc. The NH needs to function under these guidelines to keep their Medicare/Medicaid certification.
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Check this site out:

And this site is talking about Assisted Living Facilities in general:
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Floridagirl6 Jan 2020
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