Hundreds of posts on so many discussion forums are from people seeking ways to protect loved ones from spending money and being suckered?

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Oh how I hate 'credit card services' and why have they not been stopped??? I can say this with confidence having never once been late on a payment in all my life and always keeping my cards paid down to low balances, and yet their intro induces fear in my stomach...a technique they employ to manipulate....and it makes me so mad that they can still do this. How could this be stopped? I mean once and for all because its nothing but exploitive. Oh, and we are on that 'do not call list reliably too' and they don't care! I think if they had to pay me some real money when they call me despite being on the do not call list, that would be just fine and a real improvement. Dream on.....
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Lot of good advice given above.

For junk mail coming to the house, get to the mailbox first and toss out the junk mail. Or have all the mail forward to a Post Office Box if you have a post office nearby or if there is a UPS store that rents out post office boxes. I know it would be pain to get the mail from there, but a lot cheaper than loved one sending mega bucks to charities, games, or buying unneeded items.

Years ago the "Do Not Call" and "Do Not Mail" registries worked great, but not anymore due to robo calls and junk mail. All it takes is one order from some place and that gives the ok for the company to fire off advertisements/catalogs... and that also allows the sister companies to do the same.

Take away the credit card, make up some excuse that the credit card was compromised and can't use it until everything is straighten out... then say because of credit issues one can't get a new credit card.

As for checks, take over the financial work. Or if the love one won't let you, then remove blank checks leaving just a couple behind. That way the love one will say he/she needs to order new checks, to which you say you can't because there is no more money in the account. Keep the excuses simple. And hope the love one isn't on the phone the next day with the bank to check the balance.
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Dave, this is your wife, right
GardenArtist ....WRONG WRONG
Hundreds of posts on so many discussion forums are from people seeking ways to protect loved ones. It is a topic that caught my attention.

My wife is way past the ability to answer the phone or send anyone money.

I get hundreds of calls from "Credit Card Services" a major spammer. I have not been able block the calls they don't display the number. At a earlier point in my career the manager who proceeded me gave to every police fund in the country and they badgered me constantly.

There needs to be some sort on national service to help those who are being taken advantage of. Members of this network are able to individualized advice. But it means a lot of work, time and complicated procedures.

If I knew a clear cut way to solve the problem it would make a valuable post.
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Can you get the checkbook and credits cards away from the LO? My Dad was getting suckered into all kinds of charity crap. Mom and I slowly took over the finances, mostly me, no he has long chats with these vultures, he enjoys it, he'll promise to sends list of money, hang up the phone and tell Mom to be sure and send them money which of course she does not. He still has a credit card but it's too hard for him to read off the long numbers over the phone so he tells them to send him their stuff and I or Mom file it in the circular file.
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Unfortunately once you donate a few dollars o a charity your name and address get passed around. When my mother went into a nursing home over 3 years ago I had her mail redirected to my house. She had over time donated a few dollars to one or two charities but that is all. Begging letters came by the dozens from charities I knew she'd never donated to, along with many I didn't even recognize. Of course they all send you an envelope with a little form so you can send them some money.

I always wrote "deceased" on the form and sent it back. Eventually they got the message. Also I never answer the phone until the machine kicks in and I can hear who's calling. Telemarketers eventually give up as well. Been using these tactics for more than a year and some mail still comes occasionally but repeatedly telling them you're dead seems to work in the end.
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Dave, this is your wife, right?

First, take control of the mail and either (1) write "refused, return to sender" on all junk mail and dump it back in a post office box (they may just throw it away), (2) call the junk mailers and demand that they stop harassing you and your wife, and (3) with your networking contacts, figure out a way to publicly embarrass them if you can, and (4) research to determine if any congressional or senate committees are addressing this issue and provide information to them on the telemarketers and scammers.

Years ago a Senate Select Subcommittee held hearings on the issue of telemarketing, scamming and defrauding elders. Many well known scammers, including Publishers' Clearing House, were dragged on the carpet and publicly humiliated by irate senators. I don't recall what action was taken; PCH is still harassing people.

2. Do some quick research to see if your state has an anti-stalking and anti-harassment statute. Michigan has one with broad enough language to apply to unwanted sales. Two contacts after notice is grounds to request a PPO. It might not be granted by a judge, but it's worth a try.

Given your history or organizing, perhaps you could even figure out a way to mobilize the local judiciary into recognizing the danger of these scammers targeting older people. Draft proposed legislation and lobby your legislators.

3. Get a call blocker, or with caller ID, screen all your calls and don't answer any unfamiliar numbers. If they leave messages, report them on the Do Not Call list. It takes quite a while for action to be taken, but to my knowledge it's the only source for reporting unwanted calls.

4. Get a boat horn, or a submarine horn, or a whistle and occasionally, when you're in the mood, answer one of the telemarketing calls and blow the horns. Unfortunately, you don't know when the call comes in whether it's a robo call or not.

5. An alternate option is to record the telemarketing calls, make a YouTube video and post it as a warning to everyone.

6. Start a petition to boycott the telemarketers, magazine salespeople, etc.

7. Take over bill paying and transfer money out of checking accounts. Get a lower limit credit card to prevent high dollar purchases.

Unfortunately, this has been and likely will continue to be an ongoing problem. I've found that even calling and threatening legal action under Michigan's anti-harassment statute doesn't stop some "charities", including some of the ones that actually are good but very aggressive.

Another thing I've done with calling them advising them to stop their harassment is to tell them I wouldn't give anything to any organization with a CEO that makes $xxx, usually in the several thousands (cf Red Cross and others.

You could also tell them you want copies of their IRS form 990s for the last ten years as well as printouts of all disbursements made to fundraisers and to staff for salaries.
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