Mom was released from the hospital 2 days ago after stuffing respiratory arrest due to Bronchitis, asthma and end stage COPD. She was discharged 3 days after stopping breathing. She did not want to be sent to rehab or come to stay at my home. She wants to stay in her own home by herself. We had a home health nurse come out to visit her for the first time yesterday. I couldn't be there but my brother said the only thing the nurse did was check her vital signs and leave some information about keeping safe. Mom is in denial about her health and insists she wants to remain in her own home. Who do we contact to set up an aid to come in every day to assist her. She has medicare and tricare insurance. I disagree with her decision to stay home but other than physically picking her up and bringing her to my house, there is little I can do other than checking on her frequently during the day and have my brother check on her in the evenings when I have to work.

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You contact a home healthcare agency in your area. They'll send out a nurse who will go over what your mom is needing as far as assistance goes. The nurse will discuss with you how often your mom needs assistance and for how long each day. Once you've settled on a schedule the agency will assign home healthcare aides to your mom.

Most agencies don't accept insurance and the cost is about $25/hour.
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Sherridene, if your mother is legally competent, she does have the ability to choose where she wants to live. I am glad that you and others are looking out for her. Often we do not agree with their choices. They cause us a lot of worry about what might happen. Still we have to abide by their decisions until a crisis happens or doctors declare her no longer competent to make decisions. My good thoughts are with you. I know how difficult it is.
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