Craigslist is is a handy selling device.

I would follow cwillies advise first, unless something happened to the chair, they may be willing to accept it back. Even if they charge a "restocking" fee of up to 25%, you will still get more than if you sell it privately.

Private sale will also have strangers coming in to look and quite frankly, anything electronic is a risk buying used, so people want huge bargains to be willing to take the risk of it not working and having no recourse. If I'm paying more than 50% of new, I personally want the reassurance that I can call a store for resolution if there is a problem. Worth the money to me. But that's just my personal deal.
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If you've only had it 2 weeks I would ask about returning it to the store you bought it from, some have very generous return policies.
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Difficult question. Unfortunately there is a lot of equipment bought for people just before things all become too difficult anyway. Even shoes - I bought almost new pair in a local OpShop for 1% of their sale price. Institutions won't buy second hand, because it's too dangerous for insurance purposes. These chairs are heavy and bulky, so local sales to individuals are required. Try the local Ebay offshoot (I forget the name of the USA version, the Australian one is Gumtree), or put cards up on any local notice board (shopping centre? church?). Good luck!
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