we just moved here and are having a hard time finding overnight care in Boston near Cambridge...

This really isn't a hiring site or agency.
We are just a bunch of current and former caregivers.
If you want care in your own site you are limited to the same old search sites the rest of us have on the new answer to the yellow pages, which is pretty much the computer.

I would look for Care Agencies in Boston area and start the checking process.
Some here mention though I myself am not familiar with it.
There is Visiting Angels and some others. People do recommend NextDoor for Caregivers.
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We are a support forum for caregivers. Maybe someone will see your post and be able to help you out if they live in the Boston area.

Why don’t you call Council on Aging in your area and tell them your situation? They can give you recommendations and guidance through the caregiving process in general.

Wishing you all the best.
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