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Go to follow the links and plug in you zip code. You should see several options
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Thank you- all very helpful suggestions, I will check into them.
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Great list from Tothill. Let me add a few more.
United Way. Local hospitals. Organizations for the disease you/your loved one has.
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Places to check:

The doctor's office, often there is a brochure rack and or bulletin board with information. Plus ask the doctor next time you visit or ask at the desk.

The Pharmacy, next time you are filling an RX ask what groups they know about.

Your local Seniors organizations.

Local Churches.

Call nursing homes or AL and ask them about support groups. Even if you LO is not in a 'home', they should be able to provide information.

Adult Daycare's may have info too.

Local Libraries are often overlooked as a source of local information.

Facebook, if you are on it can be a place to find support groups.

If all else fails, start one.
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