Who do I see to answer question? My 88 yr old mother is in rehab after fracturing a leg bone. She has been adamantly independent but gradually failing both mentally and physically. Who can answer questions? I am not sure if we should aim for independent senior living, or skip to assisted living. Her money will run out probably in a year or so at either. Who can evaluate her mental state while in rehab? Will the social worker in the rehab facility be the person to talk to? Should her regular doctor be informed and participate while in rehab?

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Oh, about her regular doc. You should certainly update him about what is going on. Most Assisted Living facilities have doctors on site. You may want to check him/her out to see if it's a good fit. Being able to visit the on site doctor allowed my mom a feeling of independence and privacy while in IL. Although I talked to him every couple of weeks to keep tabs on what was going on.
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Was she assigned a case manager (usually a social worker) when she was admitted? Usually after a week or so, they start talking to the family (make sure they have HIPAA forms on file or they can't talk to you) about how soon discharge will be, what level of care is needed. How long has Mom been in rehab? You want to make sure that they are including you in your discussions, because often older adults will say, "I don't need any help, my daughters will do all that for me". Make sure that you are included in the decision making process about what level of care she needs and where it's going to occur. When the rehab helps you identify possible places, go and visit them. If your mother has some dementia, look for facilities that have a good record of coping with that, and that have "continuing care" Usually assisted living/memory care/nursing home all on one campus or in one building. It's much less disorienting to an elder to only have to move once.
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