My Mom has never had an incontinence issue. Yes, she has worn liners for years in case she coughed, sneezed or laughed too hard. But in the last two days, she has soiled herself and I just don't understand what is going on?

likewinered, curious if your Mom had soiled herself while sleeping. Sometimes if a person is dreaming that they are using the bathroom, for some reason the mind will triggered the actual going but while in bed. There are pads that one can put under the bottom sheet.
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A forum of caregivers is not equipped to answer such a question, especially if you mean she 'soiled herself' with feces. Please make a doctor's appointment for your mom as soon as possible as she can have a wide variety of medical issues going on that would attribute to incontinence.

Best of luck getting an answer!
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Incontinence may be caused by many things. Meds, illness, infection. She needs to be seen by a physician to determine the cause. In the meantime buy her Depends to wear. She may be beyond liners being effective.
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