Goes up and down to basement 6 or more times a day. Hangs curtins, won't use bath chair...

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In your profile, you mention what your health issues are, but don’t say anything about your mother’s. Does she have cognitive impairments that make her incapable of understanding that climbing up a stepladder to change drapes is not safe? What’s down in the basement that she has to make so many trips? Laundry? Does she do these things daily? I change my drapes twice a year and do laundry every few days. Has she always been independent and felt it’s necessary to do things by herself? Has she had mishaps?

You mention that you are are one of four children. Can you ask your sibs for help? Maybe one day a month to come help do household chores? If there are no handrails in the bath/shower, hire someone to install them.

If its just the two of you, have you considered an apartment?
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If she is able to understand her circumstances and deliberately chooses to do things that endanger her welfare physically, there is not a lot you can do.

If she has cognitive limitations and you have access to an APS (Adult Protective Services) agency as part of your local or regional governmental structure, you may decide it is necessary to contact them.

Does she have a POA? Are you her only relative? Could you convene other relatives to discuss her circumstances with her as a small group?
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