Help! My sister-in-law has dementia. She lives with her son. She has not slept for the past 2-3 days. Checked for UTI and was put on antibiotics. Sleeps 1-2 hours a day, up all night. Comes into son and spouse room. They sometime only sleep three hours/night. Is seeing neurologist who has her on Trazodone sleep meds, to be given before bed. Her son moved the time up earlier, about 3 hours, hoping the meds would help her to sleep all night.

Hears people calling on phone asking her to help do things to patients at the hospital, even though she has been retired 8 years. (Used to be a nurse) She hears people talking about her. She answers these voices. She thought that a doctor was outside in the rain waiting for her. She checks front of house to see if someone is coming to meet her. Was upset that her son would not let her go outside. If they let her outside, she just wanders down the street looking for the doctor. Her daughter-in-law called the police. My sister-n-law would not go to the hospital by ambulance. Her son came home and took her to hospital. The hospital did not find a UTI, no major signs of infection, no elevated white blood cell counts no major signs of dehydration. They gave her an IV and sent her home. Had an appt with PMD but told her son that the doctor said not to come in. Her son checked and found out that this was not true. She gets angry and is combative. She is now very agitated, angry at the son's spouse because she won't let her go outside.

This site is extremely kowledgeable and helpful. We are at a loss and don't know what to do. Any help/advise is immensely appreciated. Should she be seeing another type doctor, besides her neurologist, and PMD. Should a mental health professional be involved? Is a gerontologist needed? We need advice as soon as you can give it. Thank you so much

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