No ones getting any sleep because my mom constantly cries out at night. Family members names, friends names, names of people we have no clue to. She's also begun talking constantly. She has complete conversations with her "invisible" friends? They make no sense but they go on and on.

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Thanks to all. This behavior started while she was in a nursing home then continued when we brought her home. Today it has lessened but it also appears that her overall health is declining . I will be calling Hospice for an evaluation tomorrow. Again, thanks and good wishes to all.
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You really do need the help of her doctor with this. There is nothing you can say or do to make her stop. The world she’s living in right now is very real to her. My MIL had conversations with her deceased husband and we never tried to dissuade her.

Some people are very against medicating their loved ones, but in this case it’s the only way.
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I hope your doctor will work with you to find a suitable medication, when my mom didn't sleep at night her doctor prescribed mirtazapine - for us it was a miracle drug that not only helped her sleep through the night but also made her more like her old self during the day.
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The easiest option might be to get yourselves some industrial-quality ear plugs. I hope that some people can suggest something to stop the behaviour, but in the meantime you need sleep to cope.
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