Problems getting my husband with Alzheimer's to get up in the mornings, any suggestions?


I start trying to get him up at 11 am. He refuses. He asks why he needs to get up to start his day. Typically he agrees to get out of bed between 1 & 2 pm.

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It would help to know what time he generally goes to sleep at night? Also, could medications cause him to be drowsy/sleepy? Does he have some things to look forward to when he gets up, does he have some kind of routine during the day? My mom gets up late b/c she stays up too late and naps during the day - she does not have Alzheimers, just elderly and has no routine, but she does get up and get dressed each day.
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Gosh that is late. Maybe his entire schedule needs to be adjusted. But that would have to be done very gradually.
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If your husband refuses to get up until early afternoon, does that mean he’s up until very late? Like, after you need to go to bed? Then does he tend to wander at night because he’s not tired? My husband has days when he sleeps all day too and I know he’s up all night but he’s bedridden so he can’t get up.

I’m wondering if you went into the bedroom, turned on the television or radio, pulled up the shades, vacuumed outside his room, etc. he’d be angry but he’d be awake. 😊. Would it be too cruel to tell him he’s missed breakfast and lunch and has to now wait until supper to eat? I’d probably offer a pbj after about an hour though. After a few days of doing that, he might be willing to get up when you ask him to.
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