Her doctor prescribed Xanax for her agitation but it doesn't seem to work -still can't sleep- drowsy in the morning, blurred speech, and suicidal thoughts any suggestions? Doctors don't like to give sleeping pills to elderly...

Ask the doctor about benadryl - for you and your mom. I take it for my allergies/asthma but it makes me a bit drowsy so I take it at bedtime. I can get to or get back to sleep easier/faster but it doesn't imped my functioning if I need to get up and take care of something. No after effect the next morning either.
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Xanax isn’t a sleeping pill as such. I was on it and it never helped me sleep and after a few months of taking it, it pretty much stopped working altogether.

I know doctors don’t like to prescribe sleep aids to the elderly. But caregivers with no sleep can’t do their jobs. Sometimes it seems like people with dementia don’t need to sleep. They can take a 5 minute nap and be good to go for days.

You can nap when Mom does, if you can. But I’d call her doctor and see if they’d prescribe something.
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youssi Jul 24, 2018
Thanks for the advice - I will call the doctor.
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