For toileting there are several options.
1. Don't use the pull up type products switch to a tab brief and it is easier to change someone that is unsteady when they lay down.
2. If they/you wish to continue to use the toilet a slightly expensive way to go would be to get a Bidet seat that will replace the toilet seat. Cleaning with fresh clean water each time. (prices have come down and some are under $100.00, I know still a lot of money)
3. There are wheelchairs that have an opening the chair can be placed over the toilet and when cleaning you can pull the chair away from the toilet and clean easily.
4. Switch to a commode. Once the catch container is removed it is easy to clean.

If this is for a shower:
1. Shower bench or chair.
2. If the shower can be made / remodeled so that it is a zero entry or zero threshold that would make things easier. Can be used with a shower wheelchair or a walker.

If it really is a matter of safety and the person is getting more and more unsteady it really is best to forego showers and toileting in favor of bed baths and changing the person in bed. this is not just for their safety but the person doing the care-giving.
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I have an aide that comes in the morning(6 days a week) for just one hour to put my husband(who is bedridden) on the bedside commode, and when he's done, she holds him up while I wipe him and clean him up. I then have my son come on Sundays to do the same. Much easier with 2 people. Don't know if that is an option for you, but it has worked great for me.
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Buy one of those chairs that has a hole built in so you can wash their privates while sitting or have them stand for as long as they can, sit and rest then try again.
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We had a stool that had handles that could fit in the shower and bars installed in the bathroom on the walls for stability (sometimes my mom would get really weak and shake)
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What do you mean by cleaned off. If your talking about bathing, a shower chair and hand held shower head are good and bars on the wall and one on the way out.

If its toilet problems a commode can be used over a toilet using a splashguard in place of the bucket. You then have the handles and more stability because of the legs. In cleaning my Mom up, i did her sitting down and leaning forward. I used Huggies to make sure she was clean.
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