She wants to remove safety seat in bathtub. I’m frustrated and angry. I’m a live in caregiver for my friend in the late middle stage. She says she is lazy and doesn’t want to do anything. It makes me mad!!! Is she really lazy or is brain shutting down? She won’t shower but says she washes up everyday. She has a male friend that comes in afternoons and she will go out of her way to please him. Go for rides. Most of the time both just sit in their chairs and watch tv. She seems happy with this.
She hasn’t showered for 3 weeks.
Won't do strengthening exercises or walk. Is she really lazy or is it brain shutting down?

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She doesn't need to shower if she uses no rinse soap and shampoo. It's much safer for older people, or anyone with a disability or balance issues for that matter.

I used it during a hospitalization and was surprised how refreshed and clean I felt. I keep some handy in the event I'm either too weak, tired, or just play lazy and don't want to get in and out of a shower.

For this friend for whom you're caring: are there safety grab bars, anchored in studs and not by suction, in the bathing area? Is the bathroom warm enough for complete disrobing?
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