Mom is in rehab to get therapy on her legs, when in hospital they have weakened, rehab works with her one hr out of 24. Weekends she lays in bed all day...

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I agree, I don't think an hour a day sounds like enough. But Mom is bedridden when not in therapy?

My Mom was in the hospital for 4 days so rehab was suggested to strengthen her legs since she never got out of bed at the hospital. Because she had no money, I told them she would only be there for the 20days Medicare covered. She was in a wheelchair most of the day and very confused. I swore I would never put her in rehab again. Next time it would be rehab at her AL.

I think people feel that when the discharge person says we are releasing ur loved one to rehab you don't have a say, but you do. You can say no.
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Rehab facilities typically provide for physical therapy for about an hour and the same amount of time for occupational therapy. Some facilities have one day of rehab on the weekend; some have no rehab on the weekend. Some patients need at least one day off from rehab to rest up.

Whether or not she can get out of bed would depend on the condition of her legs. Did she suffer a leg or hip fracture that might cause her to be nonweight bearing?

Have you discussed your concerns with the physical therapist, or better yet, the director of rehab?
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