My mother and father were admitted same nursing home for long term care and sharing the same room. Last Friday, my father was sent to the 5150 after I wrote a complaint letter and his insurance was getting reached to max The facility promised to admit my parents for long term care but trying to discharge and transfer them several times

Last Friday, the one of nurse notified me over the phone that my father was trying to stepping one of staffs with knife and fork. MY mother was in same room and I always come and see them every day early morning. Nothing happened. They made up the story. Now, he is in the mental unit and they are holding him to see medication is well working on him. So now 5250.. I was trying to make police report and file the complaint to local DHS and ombudsmen. But I am scared if there is anything happen to my mother.... They might take him back because his Medicare benefit is regenerated after 3days hospitalized. What should I do?

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For others reading this, a 5150 is a 72-hour involuntary commitment to a mental health facility and a 5250 continues that up to 14 days. (These are California codes.)

This must be frightening for you, Gongju. If your father is mentally unstable, being evaluated in a specialty facility can be a very helpful thing. Often they can make medication adjustments while observing someone over several days.

If your father was sent there to just get him out of the nursing home, as I'm inferring is what you think, then it seems very unlikely the mental health facility would not catch on to that in the first 72 hours. One of the caregivers in my support group had a husband who was docile and quiet at home with her but became very agitated and disruptive when she tried to have him in a day program. How people are around their loved ones is not always the way they are with others. It MIGHT be possible that your Dad has some bad agitation when you are not around.

I'm just suggesting that the placement for observation might have been legitimate and have nothing to do with your complaint letter. MIGHT -- I certainly can't know what happened.

It is an extremely serious accusation that the nursing home is retaliating for your actions and/or that they are manipulating the system to trigger insurance payments. If you really think these things are possible, then I think you should report your concerns. I'd start with the ombudsman. Explain that your are disturbed about what might have happened, and you are worried about retaliation against your mother. Ask for an investigation.

If they will take your father back, is that what you want? Or do you want to find a new place for both of them?
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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