My Father was found by a neighbor in the floor where he fell. He was taken to the hospital and sent to a skilled nursing facility. We were told he could never live alone again. I work full time and cannot give him the care he needs. Now the Nursing Facility is telling me he may be released. They are fully aware of his situation but tell me he has rights. I understand this and realize he wants to go home. I want him to stay there where he is safe and properly cared for. He falls all the time at home and the neighbors are tired of picking him up and caring for him. He refuses to call me or go for medical attention.

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I am a tad confused. you say:
"I am caring for my father, living at nursing home."
Is he living in NH or there for rehab? How is NH being paid for?
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You're kind of in the middle of the situation, between what you feel is best, what your father wants (not necessarily the best), and the facility's focus on release probably b/c of anticipated Medicare cessation of benefits.

What would your best option be? AL or IL, or a higher level of care? If he's not able to stay at the facility, what kind of place would you think would be appropriate for him?

You can also call the facility's social worker, explain the situation and ask what options he/she would recommend, i.e., level of care. Get specific names of facilities and investigate them.

And also ask for home care agencies that could come in to assist him. Another request which I would think would be axiomatic to the existing facility is a PT/OT inspection of his home and recommendation of adaptations that could be made.

If grab bars haven't been installed, throw rugs and other trip hazards removed, focus on increasing safety in his home. But that also depends on what his specific medical conditions are. If his legs are weak, PT will help, but if he has other conditions that interfere with walking, that would factor into the consideration for another placement.

Ask the facility's physician for a script for home care service as well. PT can help build his strength and focus on fall prevention, and OT can help with home accommodation recommendations. They can also support you in your feeling that he needs a higher level of care.

In the meantime, investigate getting a med alert button that is motion activated so that if/when he falls, the pendant will activate and notify the monitoring service. We've used one for a few years; it's worth its weight in gold. But do your research, review the literature and contact potential services. I eliminated several before I found one that met my standards.
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Does he have the money to hire a caregiver? The facility can't hold him against his will, so he needs to make some kind of arrangement for in-home care if he wants to come home and is mentally competent. Perhaps you could call around for him and arrange for in-home care. Of course, he may not be willing to accept help, but there is only so much you can do.
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