(located in NY) My dad is the executor of a lady who just died. When she made the will, she was a millionaire but she needed 24/7 care for 15 years and exhausted her funds. The house has a reverse mortgage and will be given to the lender soon.
The lady died with $700 and nothing of value in the house. Medicaid was paying for the home care and she got food stamps. Her SS barely covered the utilities and taxes. She was BROKE
My dad already paid her funeral out of his pocket. I'm worried that he's going to be guilted into more of this bc he's not knowledgeable about the procedure. The lawyer who drafted the will has died.
Any idea of what he should do without him paying for it bc tbh he can't afford it.
I've tried researching it but I only get results for an insolvent estate where there's not enough to satisfy everyone but I can't find information about someone who has NOTHING!
I'm already upset that he paid 3k he doesn't have for a funeral but I understand he feels a moral responsibility. I just don't want him making any more payments or something to jam himself up.

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So what should he do next? Go to the courthouse? Should he be calling anyone or wait for them to call him?
I told him to go to the center for aging and maybe they could tell him?
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As executor, he is not responsible for her debts. Having nothing is also an "an insolvent estate."
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No, there's nothing. The house has an upside down reverse mortgage.
The only furniture she has is a hospital bed and some junk dressers. She's been bed bound for 15 years after a stroke. She's been pretty much vegetative for 10 years.
The only furniture in the house was bought by my dad for the caregivers use- a sectional, bed, etc.
I'm telling you that she has nothing. The appliances are 20 years old. My dad bought the washer/dryer on his own dime.
Unless nightgowns, sheets and towels are assets, she literally has NOTHING.
She's been in bed for a long time. No need to buy things except basics.
I don't understand why he has to pay for a lawyer oop. He already spent 3k he can't afford.
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He should get a lawyer to assist and advise him. You say there is nothing, but there is definitely a house and furniture. He needs to legally probate all the assets and do estate tax returns.
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