I know the cheap consumer surveillance cameras are useless in a burglary as the quality is so poor the people usually can't be identified. In one case when a storage garage was broken into, the police said even with their faces on camera, the video quality was too poor to stand up in court.

I am considering several Wyze cameras because they are cheap, but I would be open to spending a little more for Blink or Arlo if that would make a difference. Not sure if I should hide them or put them in plain sight.

My plan is to take my mom home from the nursing home, I don't want any comments on bringing my mom home please, that ball is already in motion and it's too late for me to back out. I have a NEW home care agency set up and she will have Hospice coming in several times a week. I have DPOA and there is no other family to argue anything unless Cousins count.

A little over a year ago I left my job and moved 50 miles to stay in my mom's house so I could look after her. I was replaced on my previous job months ago so there is no going back, I fully intend to remain in my mom's house and bring her back home no matter how many lawyers I have to talk to.

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Keep in mind, depending on your State, laws vary.
In some states audio recording has to be agreed to by both parties. In others audio is not allowed.
Video recording is typically not permitted in any area where a person would expect privacy. That would include bathrooms and bedrooms.
Usually once informed people are nervous to begin with but then the cameras are forgotten. most businesses now have a sign when you walk in that there is video surveillance and people think nothing of it.
Inform the agency. Inform the caregiver when you interview them, if they have a problem reject that potential employee
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SGeorge24, please let the caregiving agency know that you will be having cameras around the house. Hopefully you told the Agency prior, as springing this on them the last minute, you may find yourself without a caregiver. Even the most trustworthy person can feel very uncomfortable with cameras watching.
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