Hi, My dad's AL facility called to recommend I get some non-slip bath rugs for him as he's been falling about every week.. and it always seems to be in the bathroom. Any recommendations for a good bathroom non-slip rug for outside of the shower and near the toilet? I've been on Amazon but as you know reviews are always up and down. The AL suggested something "grippy" on the top but I'm not sure that would help or hinder falls. Thanks!

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In a rental apartment with an unattractive floor, I used bathroom carpeting (not a rug) with a rubber back, as I recall, and cut it to size. It came with a form to make a pattern, as I recall, and it was not too difficult to do. It was small enough to wash in a regular washer and dry on low in a dryer. Although I lived where there was high humidity in the summer and no AC in the bathroom (there was heat), It always dried fine, and there was no mildew. (I did put down what I'm used to calling a bathmat--made of terry clothe like a regular towel that you use when you get out of the shower/bath--when I got out of the shower, so It caught the water from the shower/bath--then just hung it on the side of the tub where I stored it. The advantage of this arrangement is that there is not rug edge to trip over since the whole floor is covered. The disadvantage, I guess, would be if there were toileting accidents and it needed to be washed immediately.
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They make super absorbent baht mats that really stick to the floor and have velour kind of fabric on top. I have them in my bathrooms as the tile getse super slippery. '

They need to be hung up to dry between uses and laying on the floor, they takes ages--I sewed rings to the top and put suction cup hooks in the shower on the wall. They dry pretty quickly and don't get mildewed.

Got mine at B, B & Beyond, but a lot of places carry them.

"Loopy" type bath rugs, while looking 'nicer' can carry a tripping hazard with them. Any bath rug should have a very low profile. My mom cant lift her foot 1" and so all her rugs are flat to the places she's allowed to have throw rugs.
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GardenArtist May 13, 2021
Loops for hanging mats up to dry is an excellent idea.   I always had the problem until I had grab bars installed, but I like the loop ideas better.    Thanks for that good suggestion.
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Oddly enough, a yoga mat. You can buy one and cut it to shape. Or a rubber backed mat. There are some out there with low profiles.
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SZHNJ1023 May 13, 2021
Interesting idea.. didn't think of that. Thank you!
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